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You can use your experience for teaching and make money!

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Who can be a senior?

If you…
- are a Chinese and have an experience in studying abroad in Japan, or
- have a Japanese language teacher certification, You can be a senior in our service.

What can you do as a Senior?

Create class all by yourself

You can create your own classes for freeYou can decide all about curriculum (how many lessons you will hold, what to do in each lesson, when and what time will be held, tuition, and so on).There're three types of classes and you can always choose class type when you create new class.

Gain money by teaching

You can get money by teaching.Normally, you can get 70% of the whole fee your juniors paid.In order for your classes to be booked a lot by juniors, you can take many measures.You can see the details here.

How to become a senior?

Sign up (or Login)
By clicking "Sign up" (or "Login") button at the right top of the main page, just the same as juniors do.
Go to Profile page and click "Senior Registration" button on top
After login, go to the "profile" page by clicking your icon at the top right. Then, please click "Senior Registration" button on top and input your experience regarding Japanese life or teaching. Also, if you're a currently Japanese university student, you can get "University License" by inputting your current university's email address at My Profile page.